"It was the most fun I’ve had at a networking event and everyone seemed to have a great time. Thanks for the creative twist to a fun night."

Meet more people.

Cnvrge makes it incredibly easy to meet lots of new people per hour. Participants are energized and actively pitching their work at Cnvrge events. They’ll leave the event feeling great after meeting tons of new people and they’ll want to come back to the next one.

Ditch the business cards.

All participants who provide their email will get an email digest listing all the people they met, including name, bio, email, and the location and the meeting number in which they met. This provides a safety net for those who might have forgotten their business cards.

Organizers add huge value.

You’ve managed to get a lot of people to come to your event. Most people have come to meet new people, pitch their ideas, gain business contacts, but the majority of them will leave having met only a few new people. Cnvrge turns a typical social event into a high energy meeting-fest. People leave happy, and that means they’ll come back for more.

Cnvrge is like an awesome host who circulates and introduces you to new people.

When attendees arrive, they can check in via texting a number. Then they are texted who to meet and where... every few minutes. It's all done via SMS so it won't disrupt the event and can be done literally anywhere - bar, conference space, etc. It is opt-in and optional, so some attendees can participate while others can mingle as they would normally.